Who we are


United for the future (U4F) is an initiative of a group of people with various backgrounds, yet having in common compelling stories of overcoming obstacles by relying on their faith in Jesus Christ in whom they find purpose and by working hard to become productive members of their society. Stories such as immigrants from third world countries that found ways to go to school full time in spite of the language barrier, while working full time to pay for their own tuitions to reach their goals.  On the other hand, stories of Americans who grew up in one of the poor neighborhood of USA surrounded by mediocrities, but were resilient enough to acquire education and develop skills necessary for a successful life. As well as the story of hard working people that have used their God given gifts to not only be successful but also pursuit to be significant in our communities.

August 2009, this group of ordinary people understood that we are all called for the extra-ordinary work of “sharing hope around the globe. Consequently, they established a community benefit organization on the premises of coming together to serve communities for a better future for all, hence the name “United For the Future”.

The objective of U4F is to create a bridge connecting both youth and adult to opportunities they are desperately longing for so that they can become all that God created them to be and find their purpose in Christ Jesus.


Meet the needs of communities by inspiring, empowering, equipping, and preparing youngsters to become responsible citizens and productive members of their society.


Serve communities by increasing education attainment and opportunities for youth and adults as well as improving the health of families for a stronger society.


Encourage and support the youth in USA to take advantage of all the opportunities available for them by teaching them the harsh realities and difficulties that youngsters in poor countries have to face.

Install facilities and programs in third-world countries to provide lab work, basic health care, education, rehabilitation, therapy and counseling to their


Ashley Swearengin

Larry Powell

Pastor Will Stoll

Pastor Paul Binion

Pastor Angulus Wilson

Tom Sommers


Angela Chavez

Bryan Gobeli

Jeffrey Graves

Fredy Tshibanda